Wednesday, 6 August 2008


It's not fair that you make me feel this way. I cannot take it. Brave, or so I thought I was being. The great disarming effect of  a touch, that simple deception, the ego overcome to realise something missed. A powerful feeling - a dark flapping shape like a pirate flag over a dark dark wood - flashes of silver and diamonds of white, blood red gold, this old feeling groaning back into life like Lazarus; the murmur of my heart; the full pulse of blood around my heart. Swimming in dark pulsing lakes of rippling unctuousness. Putative feelings, simple moment - hard to keep unbound my fears my face flushing to the dark hue of the carpet. The high cathedral notes - the strings in the ceiling! Or a copper eye wrought of reams of copper - looking down at our place in the world. Callous universe, this. Only you make it worthwhile, somehow. You, fucker! x

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