Friday, 29 August 2008

A remarkable Jaw

Last night was strange for everybody. No-one could sleep. It was stickily humid; the sort of heat that coats bones in increasing layers of pig iron. Dry mouthed and salty tongue'd the unfortunate insomniac wrestled with his increasing tiredness whilst his brain bubbled with cyclical nonsense. Caged up in his own conciousness, the deep thick bloom of night, silently amassed with a trail of stars, offered him no rest. Raging he paced up and down the spiral stairs that lead to his room, still pulsing with heat. The silence had a superadded edge of irritation for him. Dying to embrace, to fall into the lull of sleep. Not for another hot, sticky hour.

A bad mood followed all day, until a dignified looking man with silver on his jaw walked in and nonchalantly leafed through a magazine. The expression on silverface (the name the insomniac had flown upon) was so intense that the previous night's horrors were melting away in a new sort of heat. THE HEAT OF ASBESTOS GELOS!

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