Tuesday, 8 April 2008


What is it about your general public that makes them so jaw droppingly idiotic? At first I believed my scorn to be born of egotism : look only to my withering 1997 comment 'Chimps ; all chimps' to describe almost everyone around me. Hermeticised in the belief neatly surmised by Dan Ashcroft in Nathan Barley: THE IDIOTS ARE WINNING! But I knew I wasn't the only one. The question is how far do you object without seeming pedantic?
They knock things over; they don't look where they're going; they ask ridiculous questions you don't need to answer; they lurk. Of all things I hate most it's loafers, lurkers and hangers on. They drift on the fringe of action and inertia - maddeningly poised. I wish you'd do something to break the tension.
Nowhere was this more evident than in Borders. The larger an institution the more it magnatizes the flotsam; induces the destitute hour. Perfect for loafers and non-buyers. I've seen people spend three hours just leafing through books, sullying the pages with their fingers.
If all this speaks of regimentation and haste; I assure you the opposite is true. Chill out is maximum priority at our house. But I dislike and mistrust sharing my time with passive, spectral hangers on. I insisit you give me something to do with our shared time. CHOP CHOP! Lest I become as you are.

Wunderkammer tomorrow. Maybe some pre show nerves are playing in my head.

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